Mr. Alec Bowman_Clarke

master of nothing: musician, photographer & filmmaker

I am a freelance musician, photographer, filmmaker & WEM consultant for hire. I’m based near Glasgow in Scotland but I (used to) travel all over the world with work.

This website explains the things I do & shows you how I do them. If you like what you see, hear or read then please hire me to work on your project. I’m easy to work with & I’d love to bring that elusive spark of life to whatever it is you’re making.

I am a part of Massive Overheads Productions, a film production company I set up with Andrew Leach to tell the stories we make up & I co-own Corduroy Punk Records with Josienne Clarke. I also do a bit of IT consultancy for Darling Solutions Ltd, too.

Follow me on twitter & instagram to keep up with all the stuff I’m working on, or read more in-depth articles here for the details.