I Used To Be Sad And Then I Forgot


“Mr. Alec Bowman perfectly captures the dark soil under the pastoral world of British folk with my collection of melancholy originals…’ (Bandcamp Editors)

Bandcamp is best for me. There’s a CD, in a wallet with extra artwork & text, shrink wrapped & ready to send. I’ve got 100 glossy A5 prints featuring a wider crop of the album cover photograph that i’ll send out with bandcamp orders until they are gone.

Some days, including, luckily for me, release day, Bandcamp waive their (already relatively small) share of the revenue. So, this Friday 1st May is a terrific time for you to buy my record. They’re doing it another couple of times coming up. Here’s their statement:

And don’t get me wrong! This is amazing news! It will really help pay my bills. But you know, I did know what I was doing when I made this record and the most important part is you get to hear it. Don’t carry the weight of what I need. My rent is not your problem. If you want to buy it on Friday, then that’s amazing! Thank you! If you can’t, or buy it a different time, or use a streaming service, I’m OK with that. Thank you, too!

So, if you use streaming services, like Spotify, it’s on there and it’s a thrill being added to playlists. The streaming industry is a bit fucked, exactly how is documented elsewhere (#BrokenRecord) but for my part, it’s an invaluable way to connect with folks who otherwise would never hear my music. I appreciate & value every stream, just like I know you do.

Here’s half the text from the inside of the CD.