‘Alec’s hollow tattoo chord patterns are hypnotic; the words float like a spectre, a concentrated space in the shape of a song…’

Wolfy o’Hare, hull kingston radio

Alec Bowman is, by his own admission, a jack of all trades, master of nothing. A sad song enthusiast who enjoys music, words, films, space, art, light & language, a lover of lists and alliteration. The disappointed, the misrepresented, the lost and the lonely. Never expecting, never owed, only owing, documenting, observing, hoping and reflecting; the authentic broken-hearted, a down-to-earth modern tale of redemption found in the lowest of places.

Alec is currently pouring his observational and reflective broken heart into his own solo project, analogue & digital photography & film making.

Get in touch if you’d like him to play some of his sad little songs at your do, play guitar on your record or gig, make a music video, record a live session of your band, or take portraits of you, yours or your thing.

The photograph of Alec Bowman on this page is by Trevor Hamilton.