Superfly Studios

Are you recording at Superfly Studios in Ollerton, near Newark in the East Midlands? I have good news for you! Not only have you chosen to record in an incredibly well equipped room, with a beautiful & well maintained collection of vintage & modern equipment, with an incredibly talented engineer at the top of his game, you’re also so near me that I partner with Superfly to offer a special deal on photography & videography.

Everybody likes to catch work in progress images & film from their time in the studio & fans always want to see the musicians they love creating their art. It isn’t always so easy to do in that environment, though – you’ll be concentrating & your phone (should?) will be off.

In my day job, I specialise in music portrait photography & as a director of music videos. I’m also a musician myself so I understand intimately the workings of a recording studio. I will capture your personality & tell your story in an unobtrusive & artistic way, using your brief to guide me or finding my own way if you trust me enough.

So, if you’d like professional portraits taking while you work, or a video of you or your band creating your masterpiece, then get in touch. Either directly here, or you can talk to Andy. I do great competitive rates because I like him so much 🙂


I’ll visit at a pre-arranged time while you’re recording at Superfly. We’ll say a quick hello to give me a chance to understand what you want, then you will crack on. I’ll be there for a maximum of 2 hours & from that, you can expect up to 25 edited shots of you or your band looking stunning. I shoot raw & can deliver in any format you need. I can sometimes deliver the edited shots same day, almost always the next day, so this is great for social media engagement.

This will set you back £100.


I’ll visit at a pre-arranged time while you’re recording at Superfly. Same as before – I won’t interrupt your work for longer than it takes to say hello, have a coffee & understand your brief. I will shoot with whatever kit I need to get the results you’re after, I’ll do that as sympathetically & unobtrusively as I can. I’d usually expect shooting to take 1 or 2 hours.

Editing video takes longer than photography, but if you’re after a 01:30 fly-on-the-wall trailer for your work-in-progress then I can usually go from shoot to delivery in 5 days.

This will set you back £250.


If you’re after stills, solo or group shots as well as video to fully document your time at Superfly then I will make a fly on the wall, work in progress video & photoshoot in 3 to 4 hours. It will take me around 5 days to deliver everything, but the photos can still be much quicker if you require it.

This will set you back £300.