Alec is a songwriter, guitarist & bass player with years of stage & studio experience.


Josienne Clarke & I made an EP. You can hear it on Bandcamp, if you like.


‘The State We’re In’ (Belle & Sebastian remix) by Formication
  • Crossing The Sea by Radio (Harmful Records, 2004)
  • Pieces for a Condemned Piano (Harmful Records, 2005)
  • The Condemned Piano (Memory) (Harmful Records, 2005)
  • Proserpina (Electronical Records, 2005)
  • Icons for a New Religion (Lumberton Trading Co, 2007)
  • Lost Icons (Harmful Records, 2007)
  • Agnosia (Dark Winter, 2007)
  • The Untitled Wasdale Recordings (Harmful Records, 2007)
  • Ghosts (Harmful Records, 2008)
  • Catastrophe In Blue (Subvert Central, 2008)
  • The Supreme Spirit of Decay (Pinecone Moonshine, 2009)
  • Rust (Pinecone Moonshine, 2010)
  • Dr Umens (The Centrifuge, 2010)
  • The Eyes of Erodern Reviema LP (Small Doses, 2011)

The Wild Man of Europe

‘Chapter One’ from ‘Gave Up The Ghost’ by The Wild Man of Europe
  • Old-Fashioned Flames (self released, 2013)
  • Gave Up The Ghost (self released, 2014)
  • Gone (self released, 2016)

Mr. Alec Bowman

‘Long Goodbyes’ from ‘I Used To Be Sad & Then I Forgot’ by Mr. Alec Bowman

I Used To Be Sad & Then I Forgot (self released, May 1st 2020)