Mr. Alec Bowman is a musician, songwriter, photographer & videographer.

Alec has been doing these things for almost his entire life, which is more than forty years. He’ll do them for you, for money, if you like.

He is available to work on your musical project, by writing, performing or recording on acoustic, electric or bass guitar, using a Gibson Advanced Jumbo (2017), a Gibson ES120t (1956), a Cornell Romany 12 & a Squier Telecaster bass guitar.

Alec is a professional photographer with a portfolio specialising in solo / band portrait shots of musicians & artists.

He uses a Canon 5D mkiii with 24mm 1.4, 50mm 1.2 & 85mm 1.2 L prime lenses for digital portraiture, a Canon AE-1 with a 50mm 1.2 lens for 35mm photography & a Mamiya RB67 for 120 medium format photography.

For recording audio of live sessions, he uses a Sennheiser MKH 416 boom microphone & a Neumann KMS 105 condensor microphone with Rycote blimps & dead cats / wombats into a Sound Devices MixPre3 for capturing warm, accurate location audio in almost any weather.

For music videos, he shoots in HD (1080p) with the Canon 5D and the same prime lenses. He uses a Ronin M gimbal / stabilizer for steadicam style shots & a 3 Legged Thing tripod with a ball head for solid static framed shots. Alec is interested in Super 8 & VHS and hopes to incorporate elements of these formats into his work in future.

Alec owns a full lighting rig for location or studio shoots & a backdrop rig in case we need something plain to project whatever craziness you can imagine onto. These are great for planned scenes or still photographs with your style front & centre.

Alec uses Adobe Creative Suite to bend rays of light into the truth. He is particularly fond of Premiere Pro, enjoys After Effects & InDesign & uses Photoshop & Illustrator, too.

Alec works best untethered & free to be formal or filthy with impunity & enjoys natural light & twists on classic themes, but most of all, loves to tell stories with whatever he’s working with at the time, be it songs, still photography or moving pictures.

He can help you realise whatever kind of alchemy you’re trying to conjure for your project, however remote, obscure or familiar the location. Ask him how he can help you bring your work to life.